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Angharad trained as a Fitness Ballet instructor in 2007 and has conducted classes on behalf of Bedford Borough Council's Re-Active 8 scheme since 2012. For any more information, feel free to call or email her.


The Guardian published an interesting article (click here) in January 2010 explaining a bit more about Fitness Ballet and the benefits of dance as a form of exercise.

A fitness class which uses ballet to achieve a full workout

We offer a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere, no lycra is required, different from the rigidness of traditional ballet and exercise classes

Why us?

Dance4all's Fitness Ballet is a fun and relaxed ballet based workout suitable for those aged 18 and above. All levels of participants are welcome, however some ballet background will be beneficial. Classes are small and very casual with an emphasis on having a good time. Classes also include some resistance training and stretching - something for everyone, with NO LYCRA REQUIRED! Some attendees also feel free to sing along with the music while they dance.


We currently run a class for those aged 18+. No experience of dance is required, though it will help. This class incorporates ballet to achieve a full body workout. It isn't a traditional ballet class and has more emphasis on fitness using ballet movements.

The classes we currently run

For all classes, fees are payable in 10-week blocks prior to the start of each block (we split the year into 4). For the actual price per class please email as these vary between class to class and venue. Please note we do not accept pay-as-you-go arrangements and absences must still be paid for.

Fees and costs

As blocks of classes are pre-paid we understand that sometimes classes will be missed due to circumstances or illness etc. so to make sure you're not out of pocket 'make-up' classes can be arranged with the teacher to tag along to an equivalent class in the week alongside your usual class.


Discounts are available if a student attends more than one class a week or has a family member attending a Dance4all class (excludes Private classes). For more details please email.


If you're interested in joining one of our classes please contact us either via mobile, email or our contact form. New students need to be booked in through contacting us before attending their first class. Also please feel free to contact us with any questions!

How to join